We help companies accelerate digital transformation and unlock more
value, from efficient video distribution solutions to fully featured eCommerce portals to custom healthcare apps to cutting-edge adtech platforms.


Impulse observable market outcomes

To accomplish your company objectives and remain ahead of the competition, draw on our hands-on expertise in automation and continuous delivery. We provide skilled DevOps services with a unit of experienced DevOps engineers on board to help you streamline the software development process, accelerate the time to market for the product, increase software quality, minimize project costs, and adapt rapidly to market changes.


Services for Repair

In order to ensure reliable operation of your systems and sustainable business development, take full advantage of our controlled maintenance and support services. We effectively manage legacy code, fix performance problems, fill in security holes and boost the accessibility of your mission-critical projects with top software engineering and QA talent on board.


Agile Teams of Squads

Startup-minded teams, aimed at co-creating products. Frequency distributions of incremental shapable value. Ultimate flexibility to easily accommodate scope modifications. End-to-end reporting, for 360-degree coverage


Robust Strategies for Big Data

In a data-driven environment, helping innovative companies gain a competitive advantage.


Creation of web portals

To create media-rich and mobile-friendly web portal solutions that carry your business to the forefront of your industry, leverage our solid development expertise. We empower a broad range of verticals with customized user-focused web portals, from eCommerce to healthcare to eLearning to media and entertainment, to offer superior service quality and stellar user experiences.


Connecting business and technology

We help you harness the cutting edge of technology to maximize operational efficiencies, ensure faster time to value and revolutionize customer service. Our service offering is based on helping you launch and maintain your digital transformation for the long term.


Delivery Powered by Scope

Strong release predictability and milestones. Intelligent summary of project health in real-time. Early risk evaluation and corrective acts of experts. Two-level monitoring by committing execution managers of project performance .


Controlled Applications Engineering

From product-minded Agile squads to company-round program management


Plan rescue for apps

Stuck with a legacy code of low quality, insufficient stability, or problems with scalability? To develop and execute a step-by-step rescue plan, leverage our competent project recovery services. We'll help you get your project back on track, from code review and refactoring to smooth software conversion to data and network analysis.


Run teams that are committed

Cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams of experts with T-shapes. Adjustable composition of teams to balance various project needs. Predictable and cost-effective Scaling of Resources. Dedicated PMOs in charge of absolute project success.


Comprehensive Approach for Big Data

To assess your existing skills and take them further with a plan to discover the true potential of big data for your business objectives, leverage our big data consulting services.


Large Data Scalable Infrastructure

Our software architects build scalable, highly efficient big data solutions that optimize data storage on-site and cloud-based to ensure easy upgrades while remaining within your budget.


Our offering of big data creation

Our experienced team of big data engineers will help you optimize the return on your investment, whether you are trying to incorporate your data into analytics-ready systems or create a scalable big data solution from scratch.


Seamless Incorporation of Big Data

We incorporate frameworks, data, and processes across your IT ecosystem into a single manageable silo to embrace the variety of big data sources, so that your company can look for the right answers without losing vital information.


Full-fledged facilities for Big Data growth

Zowi Tech, ia leading big data production business, provides organizations in Advertising, Banking, Telecommunications, FinTech, Healthcare, and more with a whole range of services across big data. Our Big Data experts provide data science to businesses that aim to harness complicated data processing operations. We know how to deliver what your big data project needs with our multi-year software development experience and top talent on board. Ultra-reliable performance, Cost-efficient upscaling, Integrations for Hassle-free Superior standard of data, Top-grade data protection efficiency,Strong analytics, powerful


Delivery hub of digital transformation

We use governance frameworks such as Secure, LeSS, and PRINCE2 to scale from projects to programs seamlessly while maintaining positive business results. Dedicated center of program management and execution. R&D, PMO, quality, talent management, and more centers of excellence (CoE), Detailed review of portfolios and identification of initiatives, Synchronization of operation, design, and infrastructure through projects, Scrum Masters accredited and distribution managers strategically aligned, Recognition and control of cross-team dependencies, Efficient mutual resources and management of team cadences, and a control of plan and budget at a program level.


Services for custom app creation

We design software solutions from the frontline that enable businesses to unleash creativity and make a difference in the tech world. To propel the digital transformation and maintain a competitive advantage, leverage our low-risk strategy and growth accelerators.


Trusted by the world’s best organizations, for 5 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to hundreds of IT advisors, developers, users, and business owners.

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Consulting IT

Supported by 10+ projects successfully completed, we bring unparalleled insight and expertise to the table to help you speed up your digital transformation. Hire our professional IT professionals for strategic consulting on the best ways to leverage breakthrough technology and take the company to the next level.
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Custom Production Services for Applications

Full-cycle production software services designed to help grow

The company We've got you covered, whether it's custom software engineering, software testing, and quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting, or software support. To turn your business concept into practice, we deliver a powerful combination of profound engineering skills, mature, low-risk processes, and proven experience in a variety of business domains.


Dedicated Development Team

The Dedicated Development Team model is a perfect fit for businesses who need to quickly ramp up their development resources or augment their internal development teams with rare or highly specialized talent.


Digital consultancy for transformation

Our professional IT advisory team understands how to get the organization to the next level. In order to accelerate the digital transformation, we propose innovative approaches to business process automation as well as revolutionary innovations and frameworks.


Services for custom web application creation

Zowi Tech is a mobile app development company with over a decade of experience with video distribution, RTC, adtech, eLearning, and data analytics in developing world-class B2B and B2C solutions. Our dedicated web app development specialists have provided products to over 10 customers over the years, including global brands such as ILIFT taxi hailing platform, E-COMMERCE WEB APPLICATION, AFALAGI PLC, SPECTO IMPORTS, ACCORDPRO ENGINEERING PLC, Megbiya, DStv


Journey to growth Consulting and R&D

Our R&D team studies the ins and outs of your company to help you reduce both technological and business risk over the entire lifecycle of software growth. Validating the description, Select the correct technology, Maximize assets, Stop unscheduled costs, Innovate and ensure progress, Discover new types of business


Services for custom app creation

We design software solutions from the frontline that enable businesses to unleash creativity and make a difference in the tech world. To propel the digital transformation and maintain a competitive advantage, leverage our low-risk strategy and growth accelerators.


Leverage our experience in mobile app growth

We deal with the digital needs of some of the most competitive industries as a top-tier custom web application development business. We give the optimum combination of resources and methodology that will allow you to tackle your challenges, after examining the details of each market domain.


Extensive analytics of business scenarios

To proactively recognize the most important needs, we'll get into the ins and outs of your business and assign experts for on-site visits if necessary. We will help find new ways of achieving full market value by undertaking a comprehensive review of the current processes and structures, while maintaining business continuity and integrated risk management.


Innovation that drives growth in business

Our go-ahead R&D department has helped complete over 40 tech endeavors successfully with decades of expertise in market research and software engineering. Our experts are actively working on internal initiatives to test emerging innovations, patterns, and methods, and then to incorporate these ready-to-use know-hows to address customer concerns efficiently, while minimizing costs and improving time to market.


Mobile Apps Creation of Mobile Application

To build strong, highly accessible mobile apps that attract users and improve your brand while solving your business issues, tap into our top-notch mobile expertise. We develop apps that run on all major operating systems, such as iOS and Android, that are native, hybrid and cross-platform. We have the experience to produce a feature packed application that goes on a home screen, from stellar usability to rock-solid protection to cutting-edge features.


Optimization and digitalization of businesses

We are a leading IT consulting company that has supported a variety of tech companies to meet their business needs, such as Google and Discovery Networks. From legacy device optimization to workplace digitalization, our IT consulting offering runs the gamut. Without disrupting internal business processes, we'll help you simplify your HR activities, optimize finances, streamline administrative functions, and more.


Enhanced loyalty and retention of clients

Using our decade-long B2C and AI know-how to maximize the targeting of audiences and offer hyper-personalized goods and services. To develop the consumer approach, introduce novel loyalty services, discover new ways of communicating across all platforms, and more, capitalize on our IT consulting expertise.


Maintenance resources controlled

We have over a decade of experience solving complex, business critical ventures as mature problem-solvers. Our teams are made up of T-shaped professionals who are equipped for the fail-safe operation of your systems to provide top-notch managed support services.


Modernization of Legacy System and Support Resolving code problems

You can rely on us to help you patch the legacy code that is poorly structured, to boost its readability and maintenance. To boost efficiency and promote potential solution improvement, we apply a set of best practices such as multi-stage code review and refactoring.


Tech Stack Update

In order to recommend a winning combination of the new tools and frameworks as a substitute for your obsolete stack, we dig deep into the details of your business case. A whole new approach to the dilemma you've been fighting with can also be suggested by our research and development experts.


Usability enhancement

In legacy system review and application modernization services, we are well-versed. Tasks ranging from UX architecture to multi-platform UI implementations are discussed by our UX experts, getting the framework up to date with current usability and accessibility requirements to improve user satisfaction.


Detailed record planning

Our team works with you to produce clear and comprehensive documentation, including SRS, architecture design, source code documentation, easy-to-grasp admin and user guides, project reports,coding standards, and more, to enhance maintainability and support collaboration between stakeholders.


Rescue for tech project: Overcoming pain points of any magnitude

Legacy software software

Without disturbing the company processes, we know how to modernize mission-critical systems. Our tech project rescue team has you covered, from smooth software conversion and deployment to customization to staff training.


Low quality of product

Capitalize on our testing services for full-cycle automation to get a bugfree product. In terms of functionality, efficiency, usability, and more, our transparent QA process will help you ensure that your solution meets the strictest requirements.


Messy or lost code or lost code

Using a set of best practices, from code review and refactoring to documentation and maintenance, we'll reanimate badly written code. To allow further solution improvement, when the sources are missing or not usable, we can also reverse engineer the existing objects.


Insufficient protection

To perform an effective safety evaluation, harness our engineering skills. We follow best practices and OWASP recommendations to identify and fix security vulnerabilities, from code and architecture audit to data and network review


Inadequate interoperability

To overcome the interoperability problems, we have the correct software project rescue experience and skills. For business agility and increased communication, depend on our decade-long expertise in API and custom connector creation to easily pair up all your enterprisegrade systems.


Inadequate scalability

Leverage our experience to achieve rock-solid scalability in high-load architecture design and performance engineering. Be sure that, as your company expands, your solution can accommodate a nearly infinite number of concurrent users.


Tap into our expertise in project rescue to get early value

Study of Expert business case

Assigning a competent team to perform on-site audits, Proactive recognition of the needs of businesses, Detection and review of the root problem, Establishing a step-by-step plan for recovery with integrated risk management, Aligning for optimum value and business continuity with current processes and structures and Creating a comprehensive scope of the project and framework for job breakdown


Extensive Analysis of Source Code

Using SonarQube, Veracode, and other methods, static code analysis, In a run-time setting, dynamic analysis, Evaluation of dependencies through device modules and third party software, and a Comprehensive profiles of code with design defects, safety concerns, and more Detailed reports for code analysis with actionable suggestions


Overarching refactoring for code

End-to-end quality assurance, automation of testing and constant distribution, Comprehensive testing for units Creation and maintenance of code style guidelines across teams, Best practices around workflows for source code Compliance with the standards of CISQ code quality, and an expertise in a wide variety of programming languages, from Java to React to Node.js


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